Why You Might See Muffin Tins in People's Gardens

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Have you ever seen a garden so beautiful and organized that it looks as though it was created with magic? The rows are perfectly straight. Plants are spaced evenly apart. It's easy to find everything you're looking for. Unfortunately, magic isn't behind such a tidy garden — instead, it's the product of hard work and perhaps a few hacks here and there.


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One hack that will help you design an orderly garden might have people asking, "Why is there a muffin tin in your garden?" According to Totally The Bomb, the answer is that a muffin tin can help you build guidelines for your planting space.

On the Backyard Vegetable Farmers NL Facebook group, a member posted a photo of their plot. On top of the soil, you'll see a muffin tin that is being used to form holes that are perfectly spaced apart and awaiting seeds.


"Someone in the group shared this idea the other day, so I gave it a try. It was awesome!" the gardener wrote. "Planted 66 onion bulbs this morning PERFECTLY spaced apart. Definitely will be doing this for my carrots."


While you can't exactly control how your plants blossom in the long run, this muffin tin idea can help you create a tidy greenery scheme. However, before planting, make sure you research how much space different types of plants require for growing. Then, after using the muffin tin to sow seeds, you can label the different rows with the type of plant to keep everything organized.

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