This Is 2022's Happiest City in America

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If you're feeling unhappy in your current town, why not consider moving to one of the happiest cities in America? Thanks to WalletHub's new 2022's Happiest Cities in America report, you can easily start looking for a living situation in a location where different factors promote a content life.


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Using 30 key indicators of happiness — such as depression rate, life expectancy, poverty rate, ideal weather, and job security — WalletHub looked at over 180 of the largest American cities to discover where happiness resides. What the personal finance website found is that Fremont, California, is ​the​ happiest city in America. Interestingly, the area — which is filled with parks, trails, and museums — also has the lowest separation and divorce rate at 9.21%, which is 4.4 times lower than Cleveland, the city with the highest rate at 40.77%.


Following Fremont, we have the following happiest U.S. cities:

  • Columbia, Maryland
  • San Francisco, California
  • San Jose, California
  • Irvine, California
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Overland Park, Kansas
  • Huntington Beach, California
  • San Diego, California
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Santa Rosa, California
  • Santa Clarita, California
  • Oakland, California
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Glendale, California
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Anaheim, California

Based on that list, it would seem that California is the place to be!

While looking at this report, it's also important to remember the big picture: The United States is in 14th place on the 2021 World Happiness Report's ranking of happiness. So perhaps it's not about finding the right city in America, but moving abroad to the happiest country in the world: Finland.