Costco's New Sweet Snack Is Already a Fan-Favorite

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If you're a fan of sweet-and-salty treats, you might want to plan a trip to Costco. According to a post by Instagram user @costcobuys, the retailer is selling ginormous bags of strawberry yogurt-covered pretzels ... and we're drooling just thinking about them.


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The treat is by the brand Creative Snacks Co., a company that specializes in (you guessed it) creative snacks. Each bag costs $7.99 and weighs a whopping 26 ounces, which equals about one pound and six ounces. How's that for an excellent deal?

What's more, Costco shoppers are absolutely smitten with the pastel pink pretzels. "These are so good!" raved one person on Instagram. "Picked these up last weekend and the bag is gone already ... [they] are freakishly delicious," shared another user.


Unfortunately, the strawberry yogurt pretzels are unavailable on the Costco website, but you can try calling your local warehouse to check if they're in stock. The snack's item number is 1597458.


Creative ideas for using strawberry yogurt-covered pretzels:

Thanks to the pretty pink hue of these pretzels, they're perfect for sprucing up recipes. Here are a few ways to use them:

  • Use the pretzels as toppers for cupcakes, cakes, or ice cream
  • Add broken pretzels to brownie or cookie batter
  • Serve them with chocolate mousse
  • Toss the pretzels into a sweet-and-salty trail mix
  • Dip them into yogurt or whipped cream


Of course, you can't go wrong with eating them by the handful.

Costco is currently offering an array of fan-approved snacks, such as the Honolulu Cookie Chocolate Chip Macadamia Shortbread Mini Bites. These special cookies were recently restocked, and shoppers are stoked.

The warehouse is also selling donut-shaped hot cocoa bombs, which have been a huge hit. People can't get over the cute shape and design of these hot chocolate bombs, and frankly, neither can we.