This Easy Trick Will Help You Find Small Items in Your Carpet

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Many of us know what it's like to drop a small object ... only to realize that it's totally lost in the carpet. The same goes if you have a thick and shaggy rug, which can eat up tiny items. Thankfully, however, Instagram user @byjillee has come up with a clever hack that will help you quickly find those objects.


Video of the Day

According to her recent Instagram video, all you need to do is cut a strip of old pantyhose so that you have a square of netted fabric. Next, cover the nozzle of a handheld vacuum with the fabric, then secure it with a rubber band.

Run the vacuum across the carpet or rug, making sure to focus on the area where the item is most likely located. Eventually, the object will get sucked up by the vacuum. But instead of actually entering the vacuum, the item will latch onto the netted fabric. Done and done.


This trick can be used to locate a variety of tiny objects, from earring backings to small screws. It's also an excellent way to repurpose broken pantyhose, as well as fishnet stockings and other netted fabrics.


Additionally, the hack may be used with most handheld vacuums. In the video, @byjillee is using a handheld vacuum by the brand Shark — though the exact product appears to be unavailable on the website. The Shark UltraLight Pet Corded Handheld Vacuum is somewhat similar.

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