Trader Joe's Has a New Dairy-Free Ice Cream Dessert

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Over the last few years, nearly every brand has hopped on the non-dairy game — and we're loving it. This is especially true when it comes to ice cream, everyone's favorite frozen treat. For example, earlier this year, Trader Joe's released a honeycomb oat ice cream. And now, the retailer is offering oat-based ice cream sandwiches.


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According to the Trader Joe's website, each sandwich consists of a frozen vanilla oat beverage sandwiched between two soft chocolate wafers. The dessert is also vegan, so it contains zero animal ingredients. One box contains six sandwiches and costs $3.49, though the exact price might vary by location.

Unsurprisingly, the sweet sandwiches have caused quite a stir on social media. "As someone who is lactose-intolerant, I am loving all these dairy-free options," said one user on Reddit. (Honestly, same.) "I need to run to Trader Joe's!" exclaimed another shopper on Instagram. (Again, same.)


Since the product is brand new, there aren't many reviews just yet. But considering the deliciousness of the retailers' other dairy-free items, we ​cannot​ wait to try these frozen dessert sandwiches.


Other new non-dairy ice creams:

As mentioned earlier, Trader Joe's recently created an oat ice cream inspired by honeycomb toffee, a candy from New Zealand. The treat is coconut-flavored and features caramel swirls and sponge candy pieces.

Last month, Ben & Jerry's released two new non-dairy ice cream flavors: Non-Dairy Boom Chocolatta and Non-Dairy Bananas Foster. Both flavors are part of the brand's "core" line, in which the center of each pint is made of tasty ingredients.

But wait, there's more: Ben & Jerry's will also be releasing dairy and non-dairy versions of Mint Chocolate Chance, a flavor that was developed in collaboration with musician Chance the Rapper. There's no word yet on when the flavor will be available in stores, but we'll be sure to share an update once more info is available.