The Science Behind TikTok's Latest Viral Cleaning Hack

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TikTok's latest viral cleaning hack might seem bizarre, but it turns out there is science behind it. The hack is throwing a rolled-up piece of aluminum foil into the dishwasher to make silverware look brand new.


Video of the Day

We first discovered this cleaning trend in a TikTok video by user @shadiersandy. "I have seen this hack all over TikTok and I'm going to try it," the creator says. "You're supposed to get some aluminum foil and roll it up into a ball. Then, you take the ball and put it in your dishwasher before you run it."

After running the dishwasher, @shadiersandy opens the machine to reveal sparkling silverware that looks as though it was just purchased. How?! Is this magic?


"Science behind it is the foil interacts with dishwashing liquid, acts as an oxidizing agent, and removes the tarnish off the metalware," writes commenter @southlaker. Good to know!


Of course, if you'd rather not use aluminum foil, there are other ways you can get your silverware to sparkle. To clean tarnished silver-plated silverware, you can use silver polish, ketchup, toothpaste, or a method in which you soak the silverware in a pot with boiling water, baking soda, and tin foil. There are even recipes for homemade silver polish paste.

If you want to use a commercial silver polish, you can find the Weiman Silver Polish and Cleaner on Amazon for $7.20.

Now, our silverware will always shine like new.