The 'Grated Egg' Trend Is Causing Controversy

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We are always game to try new foods, but sometimes, TikTok can take it a step too far for some people. For instance, the new "grated egg" food trend on the social platform has commenters divided over whether the idea is shocking, delicious, or maybe even both.


Video of the Day

In a recent video, @healthyishfoods shows themself grating what looks like Parmesan cheese on top of avocado toast. But then, you'll realize it's actually a hard-boiled egg. "Would you eat this grated egg and avocado toast?" the creator writes in the clip's caption.

"This feels illegal to watch," wrote one commenter. "Why … why … do I want this?" said another. Others were just plain confused by what to call the grated egg topping: "Egg cheese? Cheese egg?"


In a follow-up video, @healthyishfoods shared the full recipe for the grated egg avocado toast and added, "Using a Microplane grater, you're going to grate your hard-boiled egg. Make sure you use the entire egg per one piece of toast." The other toast toppings include Kewpie mayonnaise, sliced avocado, salt, pepper, and Sriracha.


"I just tried this and it's CHANGED THE GAME! The bread. The mayo. The non-mushed avocado. The GRATED EGG!!!!!" wrote one user in the comments. Many others were still skeptical.

After looking at the @healthyishfoods Instagram page, we noticed that the user also adds grated egg to their pesto pasta. "The grated egg makes this dish super rich and creamy, it almost tastes like cheese!!" the creator writes. The commenters on this post were much more enthusiastic than those on Instagram, with many saying that they love the grated egg idea and can't wait to try it.

If you, too, want to give the grated egg trend a try, you'll need a Microplane Zester and Cheese Grater, which can be purchased for $13.99.