Aldi's New Fiddle Leaf Fig Costs Less Than Competitors

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If you're looking for a new green friend or a Valentine's Day gift for one of the plant parents in your life, you're going to want to see this deal. In a press release, Aldi announced that it is launching a 10-inch fiddle leaf fig starting on February 2. As for the price, it's too good to pass up at just $12.99.


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If you've shopped for fiddle leaf figs before, you know how great this deal is. At Lowe's, for instance, a 10-inch fiddle leaf is being sold for $30.99. The Home Depot is also offering one of the same size for $44.98, while 305 Plants Online has the plant on the Walmart website for $59.99.

Of course, a significant difference is that these retailers offer direct shipping or pickup, while you'd have to drive to your nearby Aldi to find the $12.99 fiddle leaf. However, to ensure that it's in stock, you could always call the store ahead of time using the Aldi store locator.


While you're at Aldi, you'll also want to see if there are other 10-inch plant varieties available for $12.99. According to the brand's site, it appears that there are going to be different products under this deal, but it will also vary by location.

New year, new plant, anyone?


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