Wolfgang Puck's Easy Scrambled Egg Hack Creates Ultra-Creamy Eggs

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If you're looking for a classic breakfast that pairs well with foods like toast, bacon, and hash browns, you can't go wrong with scrambled eggs. This is especially the case if you use a tried and true scrambled egg recipe from trusted sources like Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, or J. Kenji López-Alt. Of course, chef Wolfgang Puck is another such person and he just released his updated scrambled egg recipe on TikTok.


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In a previous TikTok video, Puck mentioned that he considers scrambled eggs to be the most simple-yet-complex dish to make — and we can see why. Alongside his son Oliver, Puck starts off by cracking four organic eggs into a bowl and scrambling them with a fork. A baguette is also cut in half and the inside of the bread is scooped out to create a boat for the eggs.

To the egg mixture, Puck adds a few teaspoons of cream. While the baguette slices are toasting with a bit of olive oil rubbed on top, additional olive oil and butter are added to a small metal skillet. With the pan off the heat, the eggs get added. Then, with the heat on low, the pan is put back over the flame and the eggs are consistently stirred until done. Salt and pepper also gets sprinkled in during the cooking process.


Finally, to make the eggs as creamy as possible, Puck adds a single egg yolk to the scrambled eggs, mixes it in, and then places the entire breakfast concoction on top of the toasted baguette boats.

What you end up with is a perfectly creamy, savory, crunchy meal that will prepare you for the day ahead.


"The extra yolk, I never thought of that. Will definitely be trying it!!" wrote one commenter on TikTok. Another said that this is the ​only​ way everyone should be eating scrambled eggs.

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