This Genius Trick Creates Perfectly Even Tomato Slices

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Recently, we wrote about a clever method for cutting vegetables into even squares. The catch, however, is that it only works with firm produce like carrots or cucumbers. So, when we discovered a hack for evenly slicing tomatoes, we just had to share it.


Video of the Day

In a popular TikTok video, user @rominagafur demonstrates the technique. All you need to do is pierce two forks, side by side, into the top of a tomato. Slice the tomato with a knife, placing it between the fork tongs each time. And just like that, you'll have perfectly even tomato slices.

Now, as with most hacks, there are some caveats to keep in mind. For example, if your tomato is on the smaller side, you may only need one fork. It might also not work if your tomato is oddly shaped, which is often the case with produce grown in home gardens or local farms.


Otherwise, this easy TikTok hack is definitely worth trying. When your tomatoes are cut into even slices, it will be easier to neatly construct sandwiches and wraps. The same goes for layered dishes like ratatouille and caprese salad. What's more, you don't need special tools to execute this hack, which is always a plus.


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