You Might Be Able to Buy Queen Elizabeth's Ketchup Soon

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With even more royalty-themed TV shows on the horizon, it looks like our fascination with period pieces isn't going anywhere any time soon. But while those shows focus on the past, we're here to tell you that there's still plenty happening with the royal family in the present.


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In news we weren't expecting: Queen Elizabeth is reportedly releasing a couple of condiments to make your meal even better.

"The 'Royal Estate' condiments are produced at the Queen's place in Sandringham, Norfolk," ​The Sunreports. There will be both a brown sauce and a tomato sauce, so you can go with whichever one your heart desires. When it comes to her royal highness, reports say that former Royal chef Darren McGrady noted she liked burgers without a bun — and with cranberries. No ketchup in sight.

But maybe these new condiments will make a more regular appearance in her day-to-day meals. And it's apparent she wants to share her discerning taste with the masses. In 2021, Sandringham also released exclusive beers.

McGrady told ​Food & Wine​ that the queen enjoys Special K cereal and Earl Gray tea throughout the day — will those be the next products she gives her own twist to? We can't wait to see.