Aldi's New Lava Cakes Have Captured Shoppers' Hearts

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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've been seeing hearts everywhere at our local grocery stores. Of course, Aldi is not exempt from this, which is why the retailer recently released special heart lava cakes for the occasion. Honestly, we would gladly eat these all year round.


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The Belmont Heart-Shaped Lava Cakes, according to a photo posted on the Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds, are lava cakes filled with a raspberry center. Priced at $2.99, each package comes with two lava cakes that are pre-prepared, so all you need to do is heat and serve them.

"The lava cakes were delicious!" wrote one Instagram commenter. However, several others mentioned that the heart lava cakes haven't yet arrived at their local Aldi stores. So if you're interested in getting these for yourself, make sure you give your nearby location a call before driving over. You can find the phone number using the Aldi store locator.


If you're planning to serve a Valentine's Day treat to yourself or a loved one, these heart-shaped lava cakes are a great option — especially if you're not a fan of baking from scratch. To give the cakes a more personal touch, simply top them off with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and fresh raspberries.

Other new Valentine's Day products at Aldi:

If you're all about celebrating love, you'll want to consider adding the following new Aldi Valentine's Day items to your cart:


  • Benton's Shortbread Hearts in Cherry or Strawberry
  • Benton's Red Velvet Sandwich Cremes
  • General Mills Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios
  • Friendly Farms Strawberry or Caramel Whipped Topping
  • Pillsbury Valentine's Day Cookie Dough
  • Reggano Valentine's Day Pasta

How to make heart-shaped lava cakes at home:

If you love baking or can't find this dessert at your Aldi, consider making it yourself using this Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Lava Cake recipe from Netmums. To get the heart shape, you'll also need to purchase heart ramekins or silicone molds.