Of Course Le Creuset's HQ Bathrooms Look Like This

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We're big fans of Le Creuset here at Hunker. For starters, we're convinced that your favorite color from the retailer says something about your personality. Whether you're baking or cooking, the brand knows how to create the right tools for your dream dish. And their products look chic when left out on your counter or stove.


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So maybe it's no surprise that Le Creuset's U.S. headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina is far from your typical corporate space. Designed by LS3P Associates, the space has splashes of color everywhere. But we're interested in one room in particular: the bathroom.

As Twitter user @panoparker pointed out, the bathroom sinks are anything but textbook. They're actually familiar products.


According to HITT Contracting, "Le Creuset pots were modified in the French factory to be used as sinks in the space." Why use regular sinks when you could do something much more inspiring? Plus, the bright orange color really adds energy to the space. Paired with both light and dark wood, the sinks are really the star of the show.

Time to go look up some Le Creuset recipes to try out soon.


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