Fly By Jing's New 'Year of Taste' Collection Is Bringing the Heat

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Fly By Jing is known as the first premium Chinese food company bringing pantry essentials to the modern kitchen, and the brand's launches never disappoint. Last year, for instance, the company sold over a million of its new frozen dumplings within the first two months after they were released. Now, Fly By Jing is kicking off 2022 with even more spice in the form of its Year of Taste collection.


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Featuring mix-and-match items that aim to infuse every meal with flavor, Year of Taste stars three products for turning up the heat. Just in time for Chinese New Year!

1. The Hot Pot Starter Set, $135

In addition to a tabletop electric hot pot in red, this set comes with slotted spoons, two sets of silver chopsticks, and two sachets of Fly By Jing's Fire Hot Pot Base. If you're interested in trying this product, you'll want to add it to your cart ASAP because it's only available while supplies last.


2. The Add Oil Duo, $39

Your meals will never lack flavor and spice thanks to this Fly By Jing duo including Chili Pepper Oil and Tribute Pepper Oil.


3. The Year of Taste Box, $120

This box includes Fly By Jing's Triple Threat, new Chili and Tribute Pepper Oils, Tribute Peppers, Er Jin Tiao Chilis, and an artisan-crafted Salsero Spoon.