Costco Is Selling Brand New Mini Cakes in Its Bakery Section

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If you're a fan of Costco (who isn't?), then you're likely aware of the brand's iconic "mini" cakes that aren't as mini as one might expect. In the past, the chain has sold mini snickerdoodle cakes and even mini all-American cakes. Now, just in time for Valentine's Day, Costco has blessed us with a mini cake that includes a red velvet base, cream cheese frosting, and red velvet crumbs on top.


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On the @costcodeals Instagram account, it states that the six-pack of mini red velvet cakes costs $7.99. The entire package weighs 42 ounces, making each cake seven ounces — almost half a pound! "Not sure how these are mini … they look pretty big to us!" wrote @costcodeals. We fully agree.

"[T]he bakery person told me they had just started offering them right now," wrote a commenter on Reddit. "I've been waiting for someone to post about them. You love red velvet? You are definitely doomed. Buy and eat when super fresh — the cake is 'fluffy'. It's so light and soft [and] has Costco's cream cheese frosting."


Though some claim these mini red velvet cakes are new at Costco, others say they've seen them before. Based on a post from blogger Food Wanderer, it would appear that the cakes were in fact sold seven years ago in 2015. However, they might have only been available in select stores, which would explain why some Costco fans see them as new.


Considering that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, these mini red velvet cakes would make for a great gift (even if you simply buy them for yourself!).

How to make mini red velvet cakes at home:

Since Costco's mini red velvet cakes are essentially just large cupcakes, you can easily make them at home. Divas Can Cook, for instance, has a recipe for Easy Red Velvet Cupcakes that are topped with a decadent cream cheese frosting. If you'd prefer a vegan version, Jessica in the Kitchen has got you covered with her Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes, and Cupcakes & Kale Chips even has a gluten-free recipe.