We’re Swooning Over These Unique Trader Joe’s Locations

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Like most supermarkets, Trader Joe's often opens stores in typical retail spaces. You know the deal: Plain exteriors, stark walls, and simple white ceilings. But as it turns out, not all Trader Joe's locations look like your average supermarket. In fact, some of them are downright magical.


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Recently, people on Reddit have been sharing unique Trader Joe's stores. The thread was started by user @postmadrone27, who posted a photo of a Trader Joe's that was built in an old movie theater. The best part? The store — which is located in Houston, Texas — uses the original theater marquee to display messages, like "Try our lineup of meatless products for the new year."

Inside, elements of the movie theater are still intact. This includes light fixtures and ceiling designs, which are wonderfully retro. You can even see the balcony on the second level, complete with theater seats and film reel motifs. Hello, nostalgia.


In the same Reddit thread, user @happyjazzycook mentioned the Trader Joe's in Media, Pennsylvania, which is built in an old armory. According to Only In Your State, the armory was built more than 100 years ago — 1908, to be exact. Trader Joe's is on the second floor, while the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is on the first.


Meanwhile, in New York City, Trader Joe's recently opened a store under the Queensboro Bridge in the Upper East Side. As Reddit user @CactusBoyScout notes, "it has a historic vaulted Guastavino tile ceiling, which is a beautiful architectural element on lots of older buildings all over NYC." This location is giving us some serious heart eyes.


In the Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, Trader Joe's has set up shop in an old bank. According to the Cobble Hill Association, the building was first occupied by The South Brooklyn Savings Institution. Check out those gorgeous arched windows and ornate ceiling details.


Other interesting Trader Joe's locations:

As it turns out, Trader Joe's loves its unique locations just as much as we do. The company has rounded up its 10 most intriguing stores, which you can find right here.


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