Costco Shoppers Are Raving About This New Japanese Treat

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As of late, Costco has become a gold mine for mouthwatering Japanese goodies. Just last month, the warehouse started offering Bachan's Japanese barbecue sauce, a cult-favorite condiment. Costco is also currently selling mochi matcha cups, a frozen treat that combines multiple Japanese desserts.


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And now, we can add taiyaki to the list. According to a recent Instagram post by user @costcobuys, the warehouse is offering the popular Japanese snack in its frozen section. The item is created by Suji's, a brand that produces a range of Asian foods.

If you're unfamiliar with taiyaki, it's a fish-shaped waffle cake containing a delicious filling. The most common option is red bean paste, but it can also be filled with ingredients like chocolate, custard, or sweet potato. The actual waffle cake is also cooked in a fish mold, so it's embossed with various details. It's super cute, to say the least.


The taiyaki at Costco is sold as a variety pack. It contains three flavors: chocolate cream, vanilla custard cream, and red bean paste. Each box contains 10 pieces of each flavor, or a total of 30 cakes. It also costs $11.99 per box, though the exact price might vary by location.


Costco shoppers are loving the treat. "These are sooooo delicious," said one person on Instagram. "These are so dang delicious. I even eat them frozen," commented another user. (For the record, the package says to cook them thoroughly ... so you might not want to eat them straight out of the box!)

Unfortunately, it appears the item isn't available at all Costco stores. But you can call your local warehouse to check if the product is available. According to the Instagram post, the item number is 1598329.

How to cook frozen taiyaki:

Suji's frozen taiyaki can be prepared in multiple ways. According to an older Facebook post featuring the brand's vanilla custard taiyaki, it can be cooked in the air fryer, oven, or microwave. However, on Instagram, shoppers have shared that using the air fryer is the way to go. "Air fryer is the best [method]," said one user. "Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Perfection!"