Let These IKEA ASMR TikToks Soothe You

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two screenshots of a tiktok video, one showing a person grabbing something inside a blue IKEA bag, another showing a person holding a glass

While we're all about getting recipe inspiration and cleaning hacks from TikTok, sometimes you just need a break from it all. And, for that, there are plenty of ASMR videos. Particularly: IKEA-themed ones.


The Swedish retailer is popular across TikTok, to be sure, but this takes it all to another level. It's not so much about product recommendations, but about the whole ​experience​ of unwrapping each item, finding the right place for it, and creating a sense of order. You might even get those ASMR tingles.

But don't just take our word for it. This video by @juliasphouse, for starters, has 9.8 million views — proof that the people want IKEA ASMR, and they want it now. In the TikTok, you can watch the user doing things like unboxing fancy coupe glasses and putting them in the dishwasher; ripping the tags off kitchen towels and throwing them in the washer; and filling various corked jars with cleaning materials. It's all strangely relaxing and simple. And there's even a part two and three.


If you want something even more specific, user @jasminelouisex shared an IKEA ASMR video that shows how you can set up a coffee and tea bar using the retailer's products. Clearly, users want to share their process so others can reap the relaxing benefits.

The idea isn't totally new, of course. And IKEA even released an ASMR video itself. It shows a messy bedroom being organized and given a new life. Each object is picked up carefully and the person in the video brushes their hands over all the textures, in typical ASMR form. But, of course, the biggest appeal is the chance to see a messy room made neat and tidy.

Will we be recreating any of these home decor and organization tricks? Probably not, but the ASMR is a nice break from the news cycle.