Costco Brought Back a Classic Favorite Bakery Item

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Who doesn't love it when Costco brings back a cult-favorite bakery item? We're talking about treats like raspberry crumble cookies, ham and cheese pastries, and now, butter cinnamon sugar loaves. That's right — @costcodeals on Instagram just reported that the loaves are back in Costco's bakery section.


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For $10.99, you can purchase a three-pack of the butter cinnamon sugar loaves, which are made of butter pound cake with a cinnamon swirl. On top, there is even a cinnamon-sugar crust to give you a bit of extra crunch.

"Oh no. This is not good. Those things are amazing," wrote one Instagram commenter. Another said, "No, there's no being strong with this ... I caved. I get it every time I go to Costco. And it's AMAZING!!"


In a response, one Instagram user suggested that these butter cinnamon sugar loaves would make for amazing French toast. Another user essentially confirmed this: "These are the best thing ever! Make them even more delish ... by frying slices in butter till crispy."

Based on how excited Costco shoppers are about this bakery item, we'd recommend buying several packages if you're able to find them at your local store. To help with this, an Instagram commenter stated that the loaves freeze well, so you can definitely save them for later.


To make sure the butter cinnamon sugar loaves are available at a Costco near you, give your store a call to check for product availability.

How to make Costco butter cinnamon sugar loaves at home:

If you're unable to snag these popular loaves at Costco, you can easily make them at home. The Semisweet Sisters blog has a recipe for a Butter Cinnamon & Sugar Loaf that looks exactly like Costco's version. It utilizes 11 easy-to-find ingredients, many of which you probably have at home right now.