This Kitchen Hack Lets You Cut Vegetables Into Perfectly Even Squares

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We love a good kitchen hack, especially if it involves cutting vegetables. After all, preparing veggies is a basic kitchen skill, and your technique can totally influence the efficiency — and joy — of cooking. So, when we found a clever tip for evenly dicing vegetables, we had to share it.


Video of the Day

In a helpful TikTok video, user @stoveandgarden explains the method with a cucumber. The first step is to create a flat surface by slicing one side of the veggie. This way, it won't roll or shift as you work. Next, repeat this step on the remaining three sides. This will give the vegetable a box-like shape.

From there, slice the vegetable down the center, lengthwise. Rotate the veggie onto its side, so that one half is laying on top of the other. Slice down the middle again to create four even strips.


Finally, bend the fingers on your other hand — i.e., the one that's not holding the knife — into a claw-like position, and place it on top of the veggie. Chop the vegetable, widthwise. This will create small and even square pieces.


Of course, this technique isn't appropriate for ​all​ vegetables. It's best for veggies that are somewhat cylindrical or have a firm flesh. (Think: cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, eggplants.) It won't work with vegetables like tomatoes or broccoli, though it could be useful for dicing broccoli stems.

If you need a visual reference, check out @stoveandgarden's video. You can be sure that we'll be pocketing this tip for the future!


Other tips for dicing vegetables:

Although this technique can't be used for bell peppers, there's another way to dice them with ease. The trick is to learn how to properly julienne peppers. Once sliced, the bell pepper can be cut into diced pieces.

It's also possible to dice onions without crying, if you can believe it. How's that for a cooking win?


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