Costco Brought Back This Beloved Fun-Sized Snack

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The new year has been exciting for cookie lovers thus far. For example, the Girl Scout Cookie season is about to begin, complete with a brand new cookie. (Adventurefuls, we're looking at you.) And now, Costco restocked its popular mini chocolate chip cookies, and shoppers are thrilled.


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Recently, Reddit user @goofy314 shared that the Kirkland Signature Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are back at Costco. (Kirkland Signature, in case you don't know, is Costco's in-house label.) But the tiny treats aren't your typical chocolate chip cookies. They're "thin and crispy," according to the packaging, making them perfect for fans of extra-crunchy snacks.


What's more, Costco appears to have repackaged the item. According to the Reddit post, the cookies are now sold in a large 24-ounce bag. However, in August 2020, Instagram user @costcobuys shared an image of the cookies when they were first released at Costco. In the photo, the product is packaged in 30 small pouches and priced at $9.89.


Interestingly, some Reddit users have shared that they've only spotted the large bags, while others say they can only find the small pouches. Meanwhile, some shoppers have yet to see the cookie return (in any form) to their local warehouse.


The price of the 24-ounce bag is also unclear, as it's not listed on the Costco website. However, you can call ahead and check the product availability before heading to the store.

Ways to eat mini chocolate chip cookies:

On Reddit, people who have tried the mini chocolate chip cookies say that they're delicious with Kirkland Signature's vanilla ice cream.

Personally, we'd love to use the cookies to make mini ice cream sandwiches. Another option is to combine the cookies and ice cream in a blender to make a chunky milkshake.

You also can't go wrong with simply crushing the cookies and using them as a garnish on ice cream. The crushed cookies will taste just as delicious on top of yogurt or pudding.