This Vase From H&M Home Is a Great Designer Dupe

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It's a serious hobby of ours to search for budget-friendly ways to get that high-end look. As much as we dream about making big purchases, we're also all about finding alternatives.


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Take, for instance, our suggestions for fans of this viral boucle chair. Or, maybe you'd be more interested in this DIY project featuring a chic rattan lamp. Sometimes finding stylish items within your budget just requires a little more time and creativity.

Recently, we've been browsing through H&M Home and couldn't help but notice one particularly chic decor item. This colorful glass vase retails at less than $13, but definitely reminds us of more high-end items. The light green and purple item features "a spherical base and conical neck," lending it a modern and artsy look. We could see it working well on a dresser, dining table, or even your at-home workstation.


The opening at the top of the vase is five inches in diameter, so you can use it to display fresh flowers or dried buds. It's just the right pop of color if you don't want anything too bold.

What makes this dupe a good one? For starters, the cult-favorite brand HAY carries a very similar find — but for $95. A medium sized vase from this West Elm collection goes for $40. So, you could absolutely save some cash by grabbing the dupe — or maybe you could even stock up on a couple.


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Here's to shopping on a budget while still finding the perfect style.


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