Sarah Sherman Samuel's New Venture Includes Her Original Artwork

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Sarah Sherman Samuel has done a lot — and we mean ​a lot.​ The multidisciplinary designer and artist has decorated the homes of celebrities, launched a cabinet collaboration with Semihandmade, and curated a Pinterest shop, among other accomplishments. But her latest project is a very personal one.


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Today, she's launched SSS Atelier, an online gallery primarily dedicated to her large-scale works of art, many of which were inspired by her move from Los Angeles to West Michigan. There, she began working outdoors, where she had the space to create these massive pieces, drawing inspiration from nature. The results are plaster works and silk wall hangings that showcase Samuel's skill with texture and color.


SSS Atelier will also sell the designer's vintage finds, as well as her own product launch. For all these projects, she's collaborated with fellow Michiganders, from woodworkers who designed and built frames to serigraphy artists who transferred Sherman's graphics to textiles via silk screening. Prices range from around $300 for vintage pieces, so far, while her original artworks fall in the category of gallery artwork prices, ranging from $1,000-$3,000.

Check out the shop here.