Costco Re-Released a Beloved Fruity Cookie

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New year, new Costco foods to try! In addition to fresh finds like ham and cheese pastries, Lunar New Year mochi, and Japanese barbecue sauce, the brand has also re-released a fruity cookie we need ASAP. The best part is that this dessert would make a perfect treat for an upcoming holiday.


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According to @costco_empties on Instagram, Costco has brought back its raspberry crumble cookies in the chain's bakery section. "They're like a butter shortbread cookie, soft, slightly sweet, and crumbly," writes blogger Costcuisine, describing the cookie. "There's a delicious, sugary, flavorful raspberry jam in the middle that pairs perfectly with the buttery soft cookie." Plus, the treat is topped off with powdered sugar.


We could see these cookies being a lovely Valentine's Day treat — especially considering the affordable price. Within each pack is 12 large cookies that cost $9.99. To give these as a gift, you could present them in a cookie gift box or individually wrap each cookie in themed wax paper for multiple people.


According to @costco_empties, these cookies can also be frozen and taste amazing when warmed up. So if you want to save them for later, you're good to go.

To make sure that these new bakery treats are in stock before you drive to your favorite Costco location, make sure to give the store a call to check item availability.

How to make Costco's raspberry crumble cookies at home:

If you can't find these raspberry crumble cookies at your local Costco (we have a feeling they'll sell out fast!), you can try making them at home. The Pypers Kitchen has a recipe for Costco Raspberry Crumble Cookies that only requires 30 minutes of your time and seven ingredients. To get the cookie's round shape, you'll also want to use a muffin tin, mason jar lid, or circular cookie cutter.