The 2022 Remodeling Project at the Top of Many Homeowners' Lists

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With a new year officially in full swing, you might be looking at what projects you want to tackle at home. You're certainly not alone. Zillow teamed up with homeowners advice tool Realm to figure out which home upgrades are top of mind for people across the United States. For starters, Zillow's research discovered that "72% of homeowners will consider at least one home improvement project in the coming year," according to a press release.


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According to the data, the top five projects are:

  1. Bathroom remodel
  2. Kitchen renovation
  3. Outdoor landscaping
  4. Putting an addition on the first floor
  5. Building a deck

When it comes to the #1 spot, it's all about those little luxuries.


"Buyers also are willing to pay a premium for spa-inspired bathroom features, such as "curbless" showers (3.6% price premium), heated floors (3.2%), and free-standing bathtubs (2.6%)," Zillow explained in the press release.

Of course, there's lots more to be gleaned from the research — in case you need further inspiration. Homeowners hope to zhuzh up their exterior and interior painting (17.1% for both categories), for example. And, of course, there's still a lot of thought going into the home office, with many hoping to either add a space or upgrade their current one (31%). In addition, some homeowners are looking to take advantage of their space, with plans to add a guest house or ADU (21%).


How to get started on a bathroom remodel

Since it is at the top of the list, you might be wondering where to even begin with remodeling your bathroom. We've got some tips for kickstarting this exciting project: