This Trick Makes Your Pillows Look Like They Were Styled by a Pro

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If you're searching for new ways to refresh your space, look no further than TikTok. The platform is teeming with expert-approved tricks, from cleaning hacks to kitchen shortcuts. One of our most recent finds involves a simple technique for making your pillows look luxuriously tidy, and honestly, we're swooning.


Video of the Day

In a TikTok video, housekeeper and user @tidycademypro shows us how to properly style a pillowcase. Instead of letting the excess fabric hang off of the pillow, she tucks it back into the case. Next, she gently tugs the corners of the opening to make the edge neat and taut. The result is a perfectly rectangle pillow.

It's worth noting that this trick will only work if there's extra fabric to work with. That said, it can certainly come in handy if your pillowcases are too big for your pillows. For example, if you have king pillowcases and standard pillows, this hack will effortlessly eliminate the floppy and messy edges.


Otherwise, if you want to incorporate the technique into your existing setup, you'll need to purchase smaller pillows (or larger pillowcases) to create that super tidy look. Personally, we think this is an excellent trick for styling a guest room!


How to make your bed look professional:

In addition to tucking in your pillowcases, try your hand at properly folding bed corners. The method involves tucking a flat sheet around a mattress to create immaculate crisp bed corners.

Also, when it comes to styling your bed, layering is the way to go. This is key for adding texture and dimension to your space. For example, drape a thin blanket across the foot of your bed for an elegant look. Another trick is to prop up your sleeping pillows on your headboard, then add a few smaller decorative pillows in front.


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