Trader Joe's Has Added a New Seasoning to Its Shelves

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It's no secret that every kitchen needs a well-stocked spice rack. And while you can't go wrong with staples like garlic powder and ground cumin, it doesn't hurt to spice things up with other interesting seasonings. One of our favorite places to buy said seasonings is Trader Joe's, home to cult-favorite items like everything bagel seasoning and truffle powder.


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Now, the retailer is also offering hatch chile flakes from New Mexico, according to a Reddit thread. This is pretty exciting, as hatch chiles are peppers that are specifically grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. They're also a significant part of New Mexican cuisine and Southwestern cooking, making them perfect for dishes like chilis and tacos, according to the Trader Joe's website.


So, what do hatch chile flakes taste like, exactly? Well, this particular blend contains both red and green hatch chile flakes. The red pepper flakes have a "round, slightly sweeter flavor," while the green pepper flakes boast a "sharper, more vegetable flavor."

If you're not a fan of spicy seasonings, don't hesitate to try this product. "It's not really hot, it's more of [a] chile flavor," explained a Trader Joe's shopper on Reddit. In fact, the user even ate the seasoning as is and "felt nothing but flavor," adding that it still tasted good.


The new item costs $3.99 per bottle. Also, if you're unable to find it in the spice section, you may need to head to a different aisle. One Reddit user reported finding it "near the taco shells and enchilada sauce" at the Trader Joe's store in Colorado Springs. Noted!

How to use green and red hatch chile flakes:

If you're new to hatch chile flakes (or hatch chiles in general), you'll be glad to know that the seasoning is extremely versatile. Here are some tasty ways to use it at home:

  • Sprinkle it on eggs or avocado toast
  • Add it on pizza
  • Use it as a pickle seasoning
  • Fold it into burger meat or veggie patties
  • Mix into nacho cheese or salsa
  • Stir in into soups, chilis, and soups

The possibilities are deliciously endless!