This Vacuum Hack Makes Cleaning Sliding Door Tracks as Easy as ABC

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Vacuums are supposed to make our lives easier, and oftentimes, they do. However, it's a different story when you come across crevices that don't accommodate the size of your vacuum hose. Sliding door tracks are a perfect example because it can be hard to deep clean this dust-collecting feature with an ordinary vacuum hose.


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Fortunately, TikTok user @carolina.mccauley, who provides viewers with home tips and tricks, figured out a way to vacuum out the crevices on your door's track. And all you need is a toilet paper roll! Yes, really.

If you don't have a vacuum hose attachment that works for door tracks, @carolina.mccauley proves that you can use your toilet paper roll instead. Simply squeeze the paper circle together to create a narrow opening that will fit in each of your door tracks. Then, attach the roll to the end of your vacuum hose. Turn the device on and use the makeshift attachment to vacuum up the debris on the bottom of the door frame.


Plus, you could even use this same hack for window tracks!

Other ways to clean door tracks:

In addition to using your toilet paper roll to vacuum door tracks, you can employ a sponge. Simply cut the sponge so that the material lines up with the tracks' grooves and then use the item to wipe out any gunk.


You could also purchase cleaning materials specifically for sliding door tracks. On Amazon, there is the Parts Express Window or Sliding Door Track Cleaning Brush for $4.59. The Home Depot also sells a Mini Micro Tool Attachment Set that, according to the product description, fits all vacuum cleaners from brands such as Hoover, Bissell, and Kenmore. The set costs $13.08 and can easily be utilized for other areas in your home.

Whether you prefer to buy specific cleaning products for the job or go the DIY route, one thing is for sure: Those door tracks are getting clean.