This TikTok IKEA Hack Is For All Parents With LEGOs at Home

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Kids and adults alike love LEGOs, but what isn't so lovable is the mess, clean-up, and expense that typically comes with those tiny plastic bricks. But thanks to this TikTok tutorial from design DIYer and mom @xomyhome, you can make your own LEGO play table with storage bins using a $29 IKEA coffee table and some Krazy Glue!


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Simply use the Krazy Glue to secure LEGO base mats to the top of the IKEA Lack Table (or a similar model), making sure there is enough of a gap between the mats for a LEGO piece to fit between the cracks. For those looking to keep this project as simple as possible, you can stop right there.

But if you want to go the extra mile and add some LEGO storage to the table, @xomyhome goes on to show us how to cut pieces of wood and glue them to the bottom of the table — to create sliders for storage bins. That way, kiddos can easily store their colorful bricks after play time, and you can prevent any painful stepping-on-LEGO moments.


It doesn't get much easier and functional than that!


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