Costco Is Selling a Dessert Inspired by Everyone’s Favorite Drink

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From cronuts to brookies, hybrid desserts might very well be one of our favorite food themes. After all, these "frankendesserts" aren't just delicious, but they're clever too. That's why we're excited to try boba milk tea mochi, which is currently available at Costco.


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Recently, Reddit user @jpmaze16 shared a photo of the product. The treat, which is produced by the company Royal Family, features a milk tea-flavored mochi exterior with a boba (tapioca) pearl inside. One package contains 60 (!!!) pieces and costs $7.49 each, though the exact price might vary by location.

Considering the popularity of both boba tea and mochi, it's no surprise the item has been popular with Costco shoppers. "Love the texture on these!" said a person on the Reddit thread. "I didn't expect to like these, but had to try them. [They're] surprisingly good and I have a bunch in my freezer for a cold treat," said another shopper.

On that note, the boba milk tea mochi are kept at room temperature at Costco. This means you won't find them in the refrigerated or frozen section. However, you can certainly chill the mochi if you'd like, as the user did above.

If you want to try this hybrid treat, be sure to stop by Costco. You can also call Costco in advance to confirm the product is available. It appears the mochi isn't sold at some warehouses, so it never hurts to check. For reference, the item number is 1571731, according to the Reddit thread.

Other boba-inspired items at Costco:

The retailer is currently selling bubble milk tea cake by the brand Hsin Tung Yang. According to the Costco website, the product is a "buttery soft shortcake-like pastry filled with delicious bubble milk tea-flavored jam." Yum.

If you can't make it your local Costco, get your bubble tea fix with our boba ice pop recipe. It's a copycat treat inspired by brown sugar boba ice milk bars, a Costco product that went viral last year. Enjoy!