6 Charcuterie Board Ideas That Are Predicted to Trend in 2022

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Charcuterie boards will likely never go out of style. In 2021, within this food category, we saw trends such as plant-based, floral, breakfast, and themed charcuterie boards along with the newly popular charcuterie tables (yes, really). Plus, now that 2022 is almost here, there are even more charcuterie board trends on the horizon.


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Thanks to the ALDI Charcuterie Board of Directors, which consists of seven food and wine experts, we now know which cheese board trends we can expect to see (and eat) in 2022. Here are six you can look out for and be inspired by:

  • All Eyes on Fries​: fries of all kinds – shoestring waffles, steakhouse, tater tots, and even veggie fries
  • Melted Cheese Boards:​ cheese in fondue pots, ramekins of mini grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Wellness Boards:​ more vegan, dairy-free, plant-based, and gluten-free boards to take health-focused eating to another level
  • Kid-Friendly Boards:​ an assortment of fruits and vegetables in fun shapes and patterns, deli meat roll-ups, and mini sandwiches
  • Reimagined Salad Bars:​ veggie-loaded boards will serve as salad bowls, like lettuce wedges surrounded by toppings or Cobb salads with rows of ingredients
  • Pickle Platters:​ a variety of pickled veggies and fruits


We're especially loving the idea of a charcuterie board featuring different types of fries. Plus, imagine all the fun dips and sauces you can supply, along with toppings like chili cheese and bacon and cheddar.

Similarly, we're also fans of fondue charcuterie boards because they provide a different take on the cheese you'd normally include. Plus, there are so many ingredients you can use for dipping, from crackers and veggies to bread. You could even try out a dessert fondue charcuterie board featuring melted chocolate and different types of fruit.

If these 2022 trends have taught us anything, it's that there is truly a charcuterie board for everyone.