M&M's New Flavor for Valentine's Day Is Already Here

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We hate to say it, but the holiday season will soon come to a close as 2022 arrives. That makes us sad for many reasons, including the fact that holiday treats will no longer be available in stores. However, it seems like we already have something else to look forward to: Valentine's Day sweets. We say that because M&M's appears to have already released its new flavor for the day of love.


Video of the Day

Over on Instagram, user @junkpickers spotted Black Forest Cake M&M's at their local Wegmans supermarket. For those who are unfamiliar, black forest cake is a chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with a rich cherry filling and whipped cream. In other words, it's essentially the perfect dessert to serve on Valentine's Day — especially since the cherries provide the cake with a lovely red hue.


We were also able to find the new M&M's on Instacart, where they are described as having "a milk chocolate center with black forest cake flavors, and rich dark chocolate covered in a crunchy candy shell." The outside of the candy will also feature different Valentine's Day colors: pink, red, and white.


While we are slightly surprised to see Valentine's Day candy in stores already, we're not exactly mad at it.

Where to buy Black Forest Cake M&M's:

If you're interested in trying Black Forest Cake M&M's for yourself, thanks to @junkpickers, we know they are available at Wegmans. Plus, over the next few weeks, you'll likely be able to spot this flavor at local supermarkets and drugstores where you'd normally purchase your M&M's.

As of right now, the Black Forest Cake M&M's are also available online at All City Candy, where you can purchase an eight-ounce bag for $7.50. In case it sells out, Candy Funhouse is also selling eight-ounce bags for $10.99.