The Pros Say These Window Styles Will Be Popular in Renos Next Year

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Home renovation projects are likely creeping onto your new year's to-do list. Luckily, the window and door experts over at Andersen Windows & Doors have just released a 2022 trends look book — just in time for all of those new year upgrades. The look book includes inspiration and anecdotes from leading designers, architects, and style makers, like Hilton Carter (whom Hunker recently interviewed on our podcast), Rashida Banks, and The Fox Group.


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Three of the top trends forecasted are all about swoon-worthy window styles that we're already coveting. Keep reading to find out more.

Arched and circular windows

Andersen Windows & Doors predicts an influx of eye-catching arched and circular windows, which add personality and style to any house. "Arched and circular windows are giving us an extra element to work with as we layer organic shapes and textures into our homes," the team shares in the look book. Arches are an elegant replacement for picture windows, with smaller circular designs offering a unique way to bring light into a space, while still retaining privacy.


Floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are objectively stunning — and the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in. Andersen Windows & Doors says that these sorts of expansive windows extending above eye level are being used in more contexts than ever before, "no longer just reserved for two-story rooms with sweeping views." Their height creates a gorgeous view of the outdoors that changes the energy of the indoors, too.


Window walls

The only thing more expansive than floor-to-ceiling walls is full-on window walls! Movable glass walls and folding glass doors blur the lines between inside and outside spaces, and Andersen Windows & Doors is seeing them being implemented at all scales. "In all climates, big doors, gliding doors, pass-through windows, and other solutions are improving flow and breaking down the barrier between kitchen and deck, or living room and pool," the look book explains.