This IKEA Find Is Designed to Be a Study Space, Craft Table, and More

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We've given A LOT of thought this year to how we can maximize the square footage of our spaces. As many of us continue to study, cook, work, and relax at home, it's inevitable that we re-assess our living space once in a while. Is there any room layout we haven't considered? Could we turn that one nook into an office?


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IKEA is always good at offering solutions for these problems. Just recently, the Swedish retailer released a new furniture piece that combines minimal design with optimal practicality.

What is the IKEA Håverud table?

The Håverud table (complete with four stools) incorporates some classic IKEA organization ideas so it can adapt to a variety of scenarios. You can add pieces on to the built-in storage ladder to make it even more functional — the retailer suggests the Hultarp hooks and Nordrana hanging storage. You could also use the Nereby hanging storage or a Chilistrån hanging planter, depending on your needs. These come in various colors, to match your decor aesthetic.


IKEA worked with a group of design students on this product, starting with the idea of making a dining table a hub for all sorts of activities.

A big part of this approach meant finding creative ways to offer space for all your tools — from one part of the day to the next.


"Storage is important," IKEA Product Developer Magnus Wernersson said in a statement. "To quickly get the computer or the crafts out of the way when it's time to mix dough or prepare dinner. It should be easy to switch activities during the day."

There's also a rod over the table that IKEA suggests you can hang herbs or clothes from. One photo shows a wardrobe hanger the rod, while the person sitting at the space is working with a sewing and other supplies, making it a legit craft station. The piece can also double as a standing desk for when you're tired of sitting all day.

We could see some cons, though. Of course, we're not entirely sure that four entire people could sit comfortably — but the option to have the stools is nice. And sitting for extended periods of time might be hard with no back support.

Still, it's a good option for students or anyone needing to take full advantage of an unused corner. The Håverud table is currently retailing for $288.96. Here's to making the most of a small space.