The 13 Best Pillows If You Sleep on Your Stomach

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While it's not the most popular sleeping setup, sleeping on your stomach is the position of choice for many snoozers. However, without the right pillow, stomach sleeping can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain since most pillows are designed for back or side sleepers to keep their head and neck elevated. If you're a belly sleeper, look for thinner pillows that keep your neck as straight as possible to alleviate any awkward angles. To help you cut through the mass, we've done the research and rounded up some of the best pillows for stomach sleepers. Scroll down to shop.


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The Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

The Saatva pillow has a medium-soft feel designed to promote spinal alignment. It has a three-layer construction that allows users to remove the core for a lower loft and flatter pillow. A shredded latex core provides pressure relief and regulates the temperature inside the outer pillow. This pillow is also hypoallergenic and ideal for eco-conscious sleepers.


Stomach sleepers deal with back pain because pillows don't provide proper spine alignment. The GhostPillow is made of solid memory foam to give sleepers a medium-firm feel while gently cushioning the head and neck to release pressure and to feel ultra-comfortable. It's also designed to control the temperature to keep the pillow cool to the touch.


Very few pillows are designed specifically for stomach sleepers, but the Casper Original Pillow is available in thin options for these sleepers. The 5-inch choice is perfect for stomach sleepers because it provides a flatter comfort. Even better, this pillow is machine washable and can be dried at home for convenient care. It's designed to prevent clumping or shifting of the filing.


If you're a stomach sleeper who tends to switch positions, you may need an adjustable pillow. The Silk & Snow Pillow has a chambered design that lets you add or remove as much foam as you want to change the loft at any given time. In addition, the pillow is padded with a down alternative that helps air go through and keeps the pillow cool. This is great for those who tend to sleep hot.


The Layla Memory Foam pillow is great for hot sleepers. The shredded fill is designed to let air circulate freely and avoid absorbing too much heat. The cover is also breathable and perfect for stomach sleepers who like to snuggle their pillow. In addition, the Layla pillow can be adjusted at any time by removing the shredded memory foam and down alternative fibers.


6. Best Pressure Relief: Belly Sleep Pillow (Regular), $49.99

The Belly Sleep pillow has only a single piece of memory foam, which gives sleepers a firm feel to prevent sinkage. The thin profile provides enough cushioning for the head but keeps the neck, shoulders, and hips even. The Belly Sleeper pillow has a memory foam infused with a cooling gel to keep away heat and control temperature while you sleep.


The Tuft & Needle pillow is excellent for stomach sleepers who change positions. It has a higher height than most stomach-sleeper pillows, but it has a fluffy feel that can flatten significantly to comfort any sleeping position. The fill is made from down alternative materials that feel ultra soft, and it is still machine washable.


This might be the best option for stomach sleepers who still prefer a soft pillow. It gives you medium-firm support that still provides cushioning for the head and neck. The fill is polyester fiber with a cotton cover to control temperature. Plus, the entire pillow can be machine washed and dried for convenient care.

The Jollyvogue pillow has zippered inner cores so you can adjust the fill to the height that works best for you. It has a microfiber fill with polyester and is hypoallergenic — perfect for those with allergies. The adjustable filling makes it ideal for stomach sleepers who also enjoy other sleeping positions.

At only 2.5 inches, the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper pillow is the absolute best for stomach sleepers. It has a rounded top and a flat bottom to stay flat on the bed. The fill is made with latex memory foam to provide medium-soft support that gives you enough firmness to hold your head and neck without adding pressure.

11. Best for Pregnancy: Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow, $89.99

While technically this isn't a pillow for the average stomach sleeper, we had to include it. The Cozy Bump Pregnancy pillow is a gift sent to those who are pregnant. It inflates like an air bed with an air pump, and you can adjust the firmness level. The pillow has an adjustable cutout area for the stomach and chest, and you can choose to attach your own pillow.

Stomach sleepers may benefit from using a body pillow under their lower back and pelvis. The Coop Home Goods body pillow has gel-infused memory foam that keeps heat away and provides enough support. You can also move the filling placement to align with your spine to ease and prevent back pain.

13. Best for Side and Stomach: Purple Harmony Pillow (Standard), $159

The Purple Harmony pillow has the best of both worlds for those who change between side and stomach sleeping. The pillow naturally contours your head and neck to provide support while the firmness is flexible enough to compress under your weight. Still, the proprietary material of the Purple pillow helps it bounce back to its shape.

What Should Stomach Sleepers Look For?

When shopping for a stomach-sleeping pillow, you need to keep some factors in mind:

  • The loft (height) should be less than 5 inches tall to maintain a neutral spine alignment.

  • The fill should be compressible and have a medium-soft firmness to maintain a natural spine alignment.

  • For materials, down alternatives, down, and latex are preferred for stomach sleepers since traditional memory foam is too firm.

Now that you have some ideas and you know how to shop for stomach-sleeper pillows, you're on your way to picking the one that's best for you.