We're Bookmarking This Kitchen Cabinet Inspo From IKEA's 2022 Brochure

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While IKEA did away with its official catalog, the retailer actually put out a series of digital brochures looking ahead to 2022. Naturally, we had to take a peek — and bookmark our favorite ideas.


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The brochures focus on specific spaces and we especially loved the creativity of the designs in the kitchen-themed one. There are plenty of small elements that scream IKEA — the use of stylish carts to get more space, for example — but we gravitated towards the cabinets, specifically.

A few of the photos show kitchen and dining areas with a staggered cabinet design.


"Let your cabinets blend into the rest of your home while using your space efficiently," the brochure suggests.


One photo shows an area near the sink with a gallery wall and Sektion base cabinets with doors. Since there are steps leading to the main kitchen area, the staggered cabinets are a great way to take advantage of the space. And this way, you don't have to sacrifice any square footage.

This approach works for cabinets above the sink, too. One photo shows a sloped area where the tops of the cabinets are stepped, to make the most use of the area.


"A slanted ceiling is no problem for a modular solution," the brochure explains. "Let the cabinets follow the beam to use all available space and create a dynamic look."

We love the idea of making IKEA products work for your specific space, especially when it comes to something as essential as kitchen cabinets. Plus, it makes for a unique look that we can't help but see as ready for Instagram.

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