Costco Is Adding This New Perk to Hundreds of Warehouses

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Earlier this year, Costco announced that it is officially getting rid of its curbside pickup program — however, it would appear that the retailer has a similar idea it's launching instead. According to Eat This, Not That!, during a recent earnings call, Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti stated that hundreds of Costco locations will be getting pickup lockers and e-commerce kiosks.


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While 112 Costco warehouses currently have pickup lockers for online orders, the plan is to more than double that amount in 2022. (For reference, Statista reports that there were 558 Costco stores in the U.S. in 2020.) This will allow shoppers to have a designated place where they can retrieve their Costco orders (similar to Amazon Hub Lockers).


While it's not curbside pickup, the new lockers are still extremely convenient and give shoppers more of an opportunity to order online.

Along with pickup lockers, Galanti revealed that the brand will also be rolling out e-commerce kiosks in its warehouses. Featuring touchscreens, these devices will allow members to order items for pickup and feature "video signage." Presumably, the latter will offer more information about Costco's many deals and perks.


Other Costco perks:

In addition to the new pickup locations and e-commerce kiosks, Costco has plenty of other perks available for its members. Recently, the chain even announced that it will be expanding its Costco Next service to help members get more deals directly from online retailers.

However, with all these perks and more to come, Costco might change its membership fees in the coming year. Experts are specifically predicting an 8.3% increase, causing the Costco Gold Star membership to be $65 (compared to the current $60) and the Gold Star Executive account to be about $130 (compared to the current $120) per year.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Costco continues to change in 2022.