Costco Just Added Surprising Items to One of Its Food Courts

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Aside from its seasonal products and excellent deals, Costco is known for its food court. So much so that every time the warehouse updates its menu, loyal shoppers alert the masses. The newest change has taken place in Australia, where a Costco food court is now selling not one, but ​two​ surprising items.


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According to a recent Reddit thread, the Costco in question just added Korean-style chicken wings and banh mi sandwiches to its menu. The chicken wings cost 7.99 AUD ($5.73), while the banh mi sandwiches cost 6.99 AUD ($5.01) each.

If you're unfamiliar with banh mi, it's a traditional Vietnamese sandwich made with a short baguette. It's typically filled with pickled vegetables like cucumbers and carrots, along with fresh cilantro and meat. At this particular Costco, the banh mi sandwiches are available with chicken or BBQ pork.

BTW, the rest of the menu is just as noteworthy. According to a photo shared in the Reddit thread, the same food court also offers poke-style salad bowls, mango smoothies, and bubble tea ... ! The mango smoothies and bubble tea are even available with extra boba for an additional 1 AUD (72 cents).

As you can imagine, Costco shoppers in the U.S. are drooling over the food court in Australia. "So why is the menu so basic here in the U.S. compared to everywhere else?" commented a user on the Reddit thread. "Bubble tea and mango smoothies?? I need to move there," said another person.

It would be amazing if Costco brought any of these foods to its American locations. Until then, we'll cross our fingers and dream about sipping on bubble tea while buying items in bulk.

Costco food court updates:

Due to the pandemic, Costco stopped serving several menu items at its American locations. This included the beloved churro, which (thankfully) made a comeback earlier this year. The new version is bigger than the original item, so the price has increased from $1 to $1.49.

Unfortunately, there's still no news about Costco's combo pizza, which also disappeared from the menu. Here's to hoping that Costco will bring back the popular pizza soon.