These Classic Patterns Will Stay Popular Next Year, According to Chairish

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Solid colors certainly have their place, but we love a chic pattern when we see one. Not only does it change the vibe of a room, it can also be a great way to try out a bold palette.


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But what's next when it comes to patterns in the world of interiors? Turns out, it's all about timeless looks. Chairish recently released its 2022 trend forecast and among the highlights there are a few nods to patterns we know and love. The company looked into what its audience has been loving as of late; check out some of the selections below.


Chairish predicts tortoise will make an appearance next year, with the company's picks ranging from side tables to mirrors to lamps.

Nostalgic Florals

Sorry, grandmillennial style isn't over yet, at least according to Chairish. Expect to see couches, artwork, and dishes in floral varieties.


This isn't ​technically​ a pattern but Chairish calls out "marbleized" items as something you'll definitely spot in interiors next year. Think candles, side tables, pillows, and more.