The Common Lighting Mistake to Avoid in 2022

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If you're tackling lighting for the first time ever in your space, it can feel like a daunting task. What style do you choose? What size should your fixture be? Will you be tempted to change it again a few years later?


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Thankfully, the pros are more than willing to share their expertise. Take, for example, a recent survey with about two dozen experts conducted by Lamps Plus. The first-ever from the company, it's a specific look into decor trends and how they'll affect lighting.

For starters, the pros encourage you to go big and bold.


"Gone are the days when lighting was just a lamp on a table," Dinah Wulf, a real estate investor and DIY expert, told Lamps Plus.

So 2022 might be a great time to embrace an eye-catching fixture — especially if you want to shake things up without making any huge renovations to your space.


"An oversized chandelier can add architectural interest to a home that doesn't have a lot of inherent, differentiating character," interior designer Oscar Bravo told the brand.

But before you go shopping, there's one thing that you'll need to know: the dimensions of each room. This will help you determine what size fixture to get.

The experts from the survey pointed out that "undersized lighting" is a common mistake they see. And they have a trick for that. "Add the length and width of the room together and convert into inches. That's the optimal diameter for a chandelier or ceiling light that fits the space," Lamps Plus explains in the official release.

Excuse us while we go bookmark the lighting of our dreams.