Native Land Beer Is Being Released to Support Indigenous Tribes and Initiatives

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On October 11, Indigenous Peoples' Day, Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. announced the Native Land campaign. As the first Native woman-owned brewery founded by Shyla Sheppard — a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation) — the company is asking other beer brands to join it in raising both money and awareness for Indigenous communities.


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Bow & Arrow kicked things off with an official campaign IPA label and recipe. From now through the end of March 2022, the brand is asking that other breweries sign up to produce the beer alongside it while acknowledging the ancestral land these businesses are located on. To help with this, there is a space on the IPA label where the Indigenous tribes' names can be printed.

In addition to facilitating Native visibility, Bow & Arrow is also asking that participating breweries commit to donating a portion of the beer's profits to Native organizations. For instance, the company itself will be giving part of its financial yield to the First Nations Development Institute for the Stewarding Native Lands initiative, which aims to "support Native ecological stewardship and improve Native control of and access to ancestral lands and resources to ensure the sustainable, economic, spiritual, and cultural well-being of Native communities."

If you, as a consumer, would like to support this project, you can expect the Native Land beer to be released through the end of March 2022. To keep up with the Native Land campaign and participating locations, be sure to follow @nativelandbeer on Instagram. And if you live in New Mexico, you can purchase Bow & Arrow's beer at these locations.

If you own your own brewery and would like to participate, you can sign up here.

For more information about Indigenous land acknowledgement, click here.

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