This Holiday Hack Shows You How to Fill Empty Spots on Your Christmas Tree

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Whether you have a real or artificial Christmas tree, one thing is for sure: You're bound to have some gaps between branches. And even if you fill these spaces with extra ornaments or lights, you might still end up with an empty spot or two that makes your tree look less than full.


Video of the Day

To fix this holiday dilemma, TikTok user @nikkimansch came up with a clever hack. Using a simple pink tinsel garland — though you could use whatever hue you'd like — the creator starts by cutting off five-inch pieces. They shake the excess tinsel off each individual strip and end up with several mini pom-poms.

Then, @nikkimansch places the individual tinsel pom-poms in the empty spaces on their Christmas tree. And that's all! What you end up with is a beautifully full, festive tree. Plus, the user also mentions that the tinsel isn't as noticeable on a larger tree. To help it blend in even more, you can use green tinsel that can easily be concealed amidst the pine needles.


Where to buy tinsel garland:

User @nikkimansch mentions that their specific pink tinsel garland is from Hobby Lobby, where it's currently on sale for $6.49. You can also find a similar version with multiple colors for $3 at Target.

If you'd like your tinsel to be camouflaged within your tree, consider purchasing this dark green garland for $12.49 on Amazon.


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