Lowe's Is Giving Away Free Holiday House Kits

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Earlier this year, Lowe's celebrated the spring season by giving away free curbside garden kits and tree saplings. Now, the home improvement company is embracing all things winter with its WinterFest event.


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In collaboration with Camp, a family experience company, Lowe's will be offering shoppers the chance to get a free Holiday House Kit. This will include everything you need to make a gingerbread house, townhouse, cabana, or midcentury modern abode. We love the variety!

Starting on December 6, you can register here for the chance to get a kit on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you end up snagging one, you can then pick up your item at the customer service desk in your local Lowe's store from December 9 to December 13.


To provide inspiration (and instructions!) for your very own holiday gingerbread house, Camp will also be hosting The Great Holiday House Showcase virtual event on December 18. According to the Lowe's website, registration for this experience will be available soon, so keep an eye out.

Where else can you buy a holiday gingerbread house kit?

If you don't end up getting a free Holiday House Kit from Lowe's, there are plenty of other places where you can buy your own. Target, for instance, is selling a Holiday Mini House Gingerbread Kit for $2.99 and a Holiday Tree House Gingerbread House Kit for $9.99. At Crate & Barrel, you can also buy an Alpine Village Gingerbread House Kit for $19.95.


If you prefer a challenge and would rather make your own gingerbread house from scratch, there are plenty of recipes and tutorials online. Epicurious has a recipe for a Midcentury Modern Cookie House, while Martha Stewart offers a tutorial for a Gingerbread Cabin.

Plus, there are even gingerbread houses for specific dietary needs. You can make The Banana Diaries' Ultimate Vegan Gingerbread House or GF Jules' Gluten-Free Gingerbread House. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to edible gingerbread structures.