This Campaign Highlights the Real Places Behind IKEA Product Names

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Considering IKEA is a Swedish retailer, it's no surprise that many of its product names are, well, Swedish. For example, there's the Kallax shelf, Laxviken door front, and Toftan waste bin. However, these names are so much more than home products. They're real, wonderful places in Sweden — and the country wants you to know about them.


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Visit Sweden, the official tourism organization of Sweden, recently launched a campaign to help people "discover the originals." The campaign showcases 21 places in Sweden that want to reclaim their names from IKEA products, once and for all.

Case in point: "If you search for Ektorp, all you get is pictures of sofas," says a tourism official in Visit Sweden's campaign video. "And Stubbarp ... legs for storage combinations!" As you can imagine, this can be an issue for local tourism, as it prevents travelers from learning about these beautiful places.


To learn more about the campaign, click on over to the Visit Sweden website. Here, you'll find a list of the 21 "originals," along with photos and information about local attractions. You can also check out Visit Sweden's clever campaign video on its Twitter account. Who knows, you might even discover a new destination for your travel bucket list.


Learn more about IKEA product names:

In addition to places in Sweden, IKEA products are named after things like herbs and animals. For example, the retailer sells a storage crate named the Vessla, which means "weasel" in Swedish. Other products, like the Fniss trach can, are named after everyday adjectives or words. ("Fniss" means "giggle" in Swedish, by the way.)

Still curious about how the retailer names its items? Check out our article about IKEA's naming process. Honestly, you'll never look at IKEA products the same way again!