Pinterest Says Emotion-Themed Rooms and Pearlcore Will Take Over 2022

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No surprise here: 2021 still felt really unpredictable, so we needed our homes to give us some comfort. And it seems that trend isn't going away any time soon.


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Pinterest released its 2022 trend predictions and among the many fascinating categories, there's a clear move towards decorate rooms in themes that correlate to specific emotions. Take, for instance, creating a music room where you can just listen to your favorite tunes and get away from it all. Pinterest dubs these "emotional escape rooms."

Here are the trending terms the platform has been seeing:


  • Rage room: +150%
  • Music-themed rooms: +2x
  • Crystal room: +8x
  • Tiny library room: +12x
  • Home massage room: +190%

When it comes to purely aesthetic design choices, Pinterest has seen an interest in curved elements (Curved bar design +140%), ancient Greece (Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper +180%), and luxe upgrades (luxury laundry room ideas +11x).


One particular term that caught our attention: pearlcore. Searches for "pearl-themed party" were up 2x and "pearl wedding decorations" was up 185%. Of course, we could see a lot of pearl-themed decor making an appearance in home decor, too.

New year, new decor? Check out the full Pinterest trend report here.


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