This IG-Friendly Decor Trend Is Fading Out in 2022, According to Designers

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Next year, we're surely in for lots of new collaborations and collections. But what will stay behind in 2021 when it comes to how we decorate our spaces?


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1stDibs asked the pros, working with a research firm to hold more than 750 interviews with interior designers from the the 1stDibs Trade 1st Program. The results are a fascinating look at what trends are in — and which ones will soon be ​out​.

The experts voted on what they see as strong contenders in 2022 — in other words, which trends will stick around. For example, the color emerald got 24% of the vote, making it the top hue that will continue going strong next year.


But that's not the case for every trend. In fact, there's one that especially seemed to be fading into the background.

"Designers are passing on several trends made popular through social media in recent years," the company writes in a press release. "Specifically, neon signs received the lowest votes when asked about design trends expected to remain popular in 2022, with only 13% of the vote."

While it's certainly an eye-catching element, it seems designers think neon accents won't be such a thing in 2022. We did see a couple of neon decor collaborations this past year, so it'll be interesting to see what changes in the near future. Of course, we always say listen to your heart when it comes to what you love seeing in your own space.

If you're curious about other data in the report, check out the full release here.