This Top-Rated Staub Cocotte is My Go-To Gift — and It’s $300 Off Right Now

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With so many cool and affordable DTC cookware brands on the market right now, it can be easy to overlook the classics — they're expensive, rarely go on sale, or just seem unattainable. But, there's a reason they're known as the classics.


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Take Staub for example: Founded in 1974 in France, Staub has cemented itself in the kitchen as a premium manufacturer of enameled cast iron cookware and bakeware. But, while the items are usually and understandably high-priced, today is a very special day because one of the brand's most popular items — the four-quart Cast Iron Cocotte — is 75% off right now at Food52.

That's ​not​ a typo! Originally $400, the Cocotte is only $99.99. And take it from someone who has actually purchased this pot for her mother last year — it's a total game-changer. I got it during this sale and was a little skeptical about how it could be that cheap, but it is so high-quality, has a gorgeous hue (we got the cherry red), and is extremely sturdy. In other words, a total steal. And my mom loved it so much that she ended up buying it for her sister in white, so it also makes a great gift!

As for the specs, it has a chip-resistant enameled cast iron (which is how it lasts for decades), retains heat long after it's left the oven or stovetop, and can be used on any type of heating surface without the need for seasoning including both the stovetop and ovens up to 500°F. Bonus: This model also comes with a glass lid to give you a front-row view without letting any heat escape.

But, it won't be on sale forever — so our advice? Jump on it at this crazy-low price while you still can.

Staub 4QT Cast Iron Cocotte with Glass Lid, $400 $99.99