This Viral Hack Lets You Make Apple Juice Without a Juicer

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During this time of the year, grocery stores and farmer's markets are overflowing with apples. It's the perfect excuse to make delicious goodies like apple crisp, caramel apples, and apple pie, just to name a few. But if you want to switch things up, it might be time to try your hand at homemade apple juice.


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Now, we know what you're thinking. Don't you need fancy equipment like presses or juicers to make apple juice? Not necessarily. According to a clever hack shared by @eitan, all you need is your freezer and hands to make fresh apple juice at home. Yes, really!

To try the hack, simply place your apples in the freezer until they're completely frozen. Next, let them thaw at room temperature until they're soft, which will take about three hours. (BTW, the apples will release liquid as they thaw, so you may want to place them in a bowl.)


Finally, place a strainer on top of a bowl, then squeeze the apples with your hands over the strainer. The apples will release a ​ton​ of fresh juice, which can be enjoyed as is or blended with a sweetener of your choice. Yum.


It's worth pointing out that this trick isn't accessible for everyone. If you have mobility or joint issues in your hands, squeezing apples might be uncomfortable, even if they're soft. Plus, the hack is pretty messy. You may want to wear food-safe gloves (and an old shirt) if you're concerned about the mess.

What to do with fresh apple juice:

Aside from drinking apple juice on its own, you can use it in myriad ways. Try these tasty ideas:

  • Blend apple juice and cranberry juice for a festive beverage
  • Make a hot toddy by combining apple juice, black tea, and bourbon
  • Use apple juice instead of milk for oatmeal
  • Mix apple juice with plain seltzer for a fizzy drink
  • Add a splash of juice to your favorite holiday cocktail

BRB, time to freeze some apples.