This Easy Trick Lets You Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs in Seconds

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If you're in a love-hate relationship with hard-boiled eggs, you're not alone. They're easy to prepare and deliciously versatile, but peeling them can feel like an actual task. One trick is to boil eggs with baking soda, which helps separate the shells — but we've found yet another way to make things even easier.


Video of the Day

Enter a clever hack shared by TikTok user @mamainthekitchen. In a popular video, she cracks the top of a hard-boiled egg with the back of a spoon, then removes a few pieces. Next, she slides the spoon underneath the shell, so that the top side of the spoon curves around the hard-boiled egg.

As she moves the spoon around the egg, the shell seamlessly slides off. The result is a perfectly smooth and intact egg. What's more, all of this happens in a matter of seconds, without any mess to boot. Basically, it's a super useful trick that requires no special equipment, and we love to see it.

Other egg hacks:

Before peeling hard-boiled eggs, submerge them in an ice bath right after they're done cooking. Not only will this stop the cooking process, but it will make them easier to peel too. If the eggs are still warm, the shells will be more likely to stick, which can be pretty annoying.

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BRB, time to make some eggs!