This TikTok Gift Wrapping Hack Will Make Your Life Easier

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Boxes and books and other objects in recognizable shapes are relatively easy to wrap — but what do you when something is harder to package than you expected? Every year during the holidays, it seems there's also that gift or two that looks impossible to tackle. Do you put it in a gift bag instead? Do you forgo wrapping altogether and just throw a bow on it?


Video of the Day

Thankfully, we know that TikTok users have plenty of clever ideas they're willing to share. Take, for instance, Lindsay Roggenbuck's wrapping trick for "oddly-shaped gifts." The user shows that in a few easy steps you can utilize your wrapping paper to make a shape that will successfully hold the present. It's especially helpful if you don't have any gift bags or you're trying not to use any this year.


Basically, the user's step-by-step instructions show you how to make a flat bottom by folding the wrapping paper a specific way. Then, you can place your item in like you would with a bag. Finally, you can punch holes in the top and thread a ribbon through. Done and done!

The video has 86K likes and was posted just a couple days ago — so it's clear people are starting to prep for the gift-giving season. Here's to a few tips and tricks to make things easier!